Anomaly, a documentary film

Anomaly, a documentary film

Dear Friends and Supporters of ANOMALY,

Happy 2009 from ANOMALY! We are excited to update you on the film’s progress and share our expansive outreach plans for the year. We’ll be targeting film festivals, colleges, universities, community groups, museums, art centers and more!

When we launched the ANOMALY project seven years ago, we wanted to be able to connect with multiple audiencesĀ­–from those already participating in discussions about multiracial communities to those new to the conversation. We believe the timing is even better now given Barack Obama’s upcoming presidential inauguration. There are more and more opportunities for transformative discussions about race and identity at local, national and international levels.

Join us today! Through our outreach engagements, now is the time for us to give back the film to you, our viewers!

In this issue:

1. Join Us on Facebook
2. Host the Film!
3. More Ways to Spread the Word
4. A Look Back at 2008
5. Special Thanks


ANOMALY is now on Facebook! Connect with “Anomaly Thefilm” and add us to your friends list! Our profile is at

Facebook is just the beginning of our outreach plans for 2009. We’ve also begun reconnecting with past hosts to schedule events and spread the word of our progress.


Bring ANOMALY to your community! ANOMALY is available for rental screenings at colleges, universities, film festivals, community groups, conferences, and more. The filmmakers can attend screenings for Q&As and panel discussions. Or, bring a performance artist from the film to your live event! There are many kinds of presentations, programs and workshops that can be offered around ANOMALY.

A moving, thought-provoking exploration of multiracial identity, ANOMALY is a fantastic discussion starter about cross-cultural issues. If you’d like to host a screening of the film, then email us at
for more details! Inquire by Jan. 20th for your Black History Month screening.


Here’s a 4-step plan to help build the word of mouth about ANOMALY, and fun ways to recommend us to your friends!

Step 1. Become friends with us on Facebook “Anomaly Thefilm

Step 2. Read the blog and stay up-to-date on the latest news:

Step 3. Watch videos on our YouTube channel

Step 4.
Become a fan of ANOMALY by making a tax-deductible contribution! Your donation can really make a difference in reaching new audiences.
Make your check out to our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Third World Newsreel, write ANOMALY on the memo line, and mail to c/o Jessica Chen Drammeh, PO Box 300, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012; or,

Donate online through this link:
Third World Newsreel on behalf of Anomaly

Note: Please be sure to list ANOMALY as the Designated Program and include for email notification.

4. A LOOK BACK AT 2008

Looking back on 2008, we are proud to have reached these milestones:

*Collaboration to finish original soundtrack with composer/guitarist J. Armen
*Work with motion graphics designer Gino Tadiar to create the opening sequence and end credits
*Community work at the Mixed ROAR Retreat, a summit of national leaders
*Educational screenings with excellent feedback/response. (At one recent screening in Maine, students described the film as “eye opening and enlightening”!)
*Expansion of our online presence through YouTube, WordPress and Facebook


We’d like to thank all the collaborators, sponsors and supporters who have made our efforts over the past year possible. We could not have done this without you!

Special thanks to our collaborators this year: J.Armen and J. Armen Studios, Gweneviere Mann, Alex Garcia, Ariel de la Portilla, and Gino Tadiar.

Thanks for tuning in to our over 8,000 viewers this year through the Mixed ROAR Retreat, including Eric Hamako, iPride, the Mavin Foundation, and more co-conspirators; Prof. Stephen Marks (University of Maine); The Wing Luke Asian Museum (Seattle); and YouTube!

A very grateful thanks to our recent supporters for their generosity: Graham Gaylord Ashmead, Diana Brassard, Richard Lee, Eric and Lisa Potter, Linda Nathan Marks, Berenice Fisher, Michelle Myers and Maria Root. You have special listings in the film’s credits! We are so delighted to have your support.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with all of you in 2009 and appreciate your help in spreading the word. Thank you and best wishes to you and yours for a fabulous year!

Jessica Chen Drammeh

Sharon K. Smith

ANOMALY is a groundbreaking documentary film that takes an insider’s look at the experiences of multiracial Americans. Through personal narratives, ANOMALY stimulates viewers to think about identity, family and community in a changing world.

For a closer look, visit and sign up for email newsletters through

ANOMALY / PO Box 300 / Prince Street Station / New York, NY 10012

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