Dear Friends and Supporters of ANOMALY,

We hope that 2010 has been treating you well! We are thrilled about our accomplishments in 2009, such as Anomaly’s film festival world premiere at the African Diaspora Film Festival in New York City.


In December, we had successful screenings in New York and Philadelphia. Audiences laughed, nodded and cried in all the right places.

At the African Diaspora Film Festival world premiere, Director/Producer Jessica Chen Drammeh conducted Q&As after the screening. Highlights included:

  • Feedback such as: “Loved it!”…”Enchanting…I was so interested in what happened to the characters…very well-done…thank you for the years of hard work you put into Anomaly and eloquently weaving a story.”
  • The discussion on Dec. 9th was a testament to the kind of positive impact the film can make. Audience members interacted with participant Gabriella Callender in an inspirational dialogue.
  • We thank Gabriella for participating in the Q&A!

At the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia on Dec. 18th:

  • We were warmly hosted by Anomaly participant Michelle Myers, of the spoken word duo Yellow Rage, with Catzie Vilayphonh.
  • Anomaly participant Thaddeus Rutkowski was also featured. His set included the hilarious piece, “White and Wong,” also seen in Anomaly.

As a result of these recent appearances, new screening requests are already coming in from venues in California, Connecticut, Maryland and more!

>>2. OUTREACH IN 2010

In 2010, there will be more opportunities to enjoy the film. We’ll continue screenings at film festivals, colleges/universities/high schools, conferences, art centers, and community events. In February, join us at screenings in NY and LA. The upcoming dates are:


Pan African Film Festival, Feb. 10-17, 2010

The Los Angeles-based PAFF is the largest film festival in the U.S. dedicated to the exhibition of Black films. Last year, more than 40,000 people viewed films made in the U.S., Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Latin America and Canada.

>When: Monday, February 15 at 3:30pm

>Where: Culver Plaza Theaters in Culver City, CA,

To help us attend the festival, please make a donation! See Step 4 below.


Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Feb. 19-24, 2010

Hot off its world premiere in December, the ADFF has selected Anomaly to be screened in a “best of” series at BAM. We are delighted to be showcased with the ADFF to reach even more New York City audiences in BAM’s lovely theaters! Director will attend.

>When: Sunday, February 21 at 2pm

>Where: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY


As we expand our outreach, here’s four ways that you can help spread the word of mouth about Anomaly, and fun ways to recommend us to your friends!

Step 1.

Become friends with us on Facebook (“Anomaly Thefilm”):

Step 2.

Read the blog and stay up-to-date on the latest news:

Step 3.

Watch videos at:

Step 4.

Become a supporting fan of Anomaly by making a tax-deductible contribution! Your donation can make a huge difference in our ability to reach more audiences.

  1. Make your check out to our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Third World Newsreel, write Anomaly on the memo line, and mail to c/o Jessica Chen Drammeh, PO Box 300, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012; or,
  1. Donate online through this link:

Note: Please be sure to list Anomaly as the Designated Program and include for email notification.


Bring Anomaly to your community! Anomaly is available for rental screenings at colleges, universities, film festivals, community groups, conferences, and more. The filmmakers can attend screenings for Q&As and panel discussions. Or, bring a performance artist from the film to your live event! There are many kinds of presentations, programs and workshops that can be offered around Anomaly.

A moving, thought-provoking exploration of multiracial identity, Anomaly is a fantastic discussion starter about cross-cultural issues. If you’d like to host a screening of the film, then email us at for more details!


We’d like to thank all the collaborators, sponsors and supporters who have made our efforts over the past year possible. We could not have done this without you!

Special thanks to our skilled sound designer, Brett Hammond, of Studio 11211 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Thanks for hosting screenings in 2009: The African Diaspora Film Festival/ArtMattan Productions; Asian Arts Initiative of Philadelphia; Yellow Rage; Prof. Laura Kina and Prof. Yvonne Lau at DePaul University, Chicago.

Thank you to all of our old & new friends that came out to the ADFF screenings last month. We are excited you came to celebrate the world premiere!

A very grateful thanks to our returning and new supporters for their generous donations: Pearl Potter, Richard Lee, Linda Nathan Marks, Berenice Fisher, Eric and Lisa Potter, and Thaddeus Rutkowski.

Finally, we thank all of the participants/interviewees, crew members, consultants, donors, and supporters of the film over its eight-year creative journey. You have special listings in the film’s end credits. We hope you have seen your name on the big screen!

We are looking forward to seeing you at an Anomaly screening in 2010 and appreciate your help in spreading the word. Thank you and best wishes to you and yours for an exciting year!

Jessica Chen Drammeh


Sharon K. Smith


Barack Obama’s presidency highlights the continued struggles around U.S. race issues. Anomaly provides a thought-provoking look at multiracial identity by combining personal narratives with the larger drama of mixed race in American culture. The characters use spoken word and music to tell their stories of navigating identity, family and community in a changing world.

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