Anomaly is an award-winning documentary that provides a thought-provoking look at multiracial identity by combining personal narratives with the larger drama of mixed race in American culture. The characters use spoken word and music to tell their stories of navigating identity, family and community in a changing world. Community leaders and academic experts contextualize the issues. As it unfolds, Anomaly tells a story that is deeply personal, yet broadly American.

The film features interviews and performances by:

Gabriella Callender of Mahina Movement

Michelle Myers of Yellow Rage

Pete Shungu

Thaddeus Rutkowski

The film also includes interviews with community expert Eric Hamako, Jen Chau of Swirl, Inc., Michele Elam (professor at Stanford University), Ann Morning (professor at New York University), and Jennifer Chan (professor at San Francisco State University).

Running time: 47 minutes

For a closer look, visit:

Online video clips

Anomaly on Facebook

Anomaly on IMDB

The official Anomaly website

Key Crew:

Jessica Chen Drammeh

Sharon K. Smith

Associate Producer:
Toni Urbano

For bookings and other inquiries, email info@anomalythefilm.com

Special thanks to the following organizations for their assistance during the production:

A/P/A Institute at New York University

Bates Consulting

Center for Asian American Media, James Yee Mentorship Award

Loving Day

Production Junction

Richard Vague Production Fund at New York University

Swirl, Inc.

Third World Newsreel, our fiscal sponsor

One Response to “About ANOMALY”

  1. Margo Machida says:

    December 4, 2009

    Dear Jessica,

    This is so exciting to see Anomaly finally come to fruition! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a professor in Asian American Studies at NYU when you were there. I’m now teaching AAS and Asian American art/art history at University of Connecticut.

    Please drop me an email; would like to discuss whether the DVD will be made available for classroom purposes.

    Best regards,

    Margo Machida
    Dept of Art & Art History
    University of Connecticut

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