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We have launched a fundraising campaign on indiegogo to galvanize the outreach and distribution of Anomaly! You can support two areas of outreach and finishing funds:

1) to send Director/Producer Jessica Chen Drammeh to the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival in Los Angeles. Mixed Roots is the only festival devoted to the “mixed racial and cultural experience.” Past festivals have featured Dr. Maya Sotoero-Ng (President Barack Obama’s sister), Dr. Maria P.P. Root, and many other notable authors and artists. The complete schedule is now online. Anomaly screens Sunday, June 12 at 11am.

2) The second area of the campaign is earmarked for archival newsreel licensing, music licensing and an original song collaboration between our composer and artist(s) from the film.

While we are tapping other sources of outreach and finishing funds, in this indiegogo campaign we are trying “crowd funding” as a way to connect with new supporters and build a larger online community. There’s a full line of perks such as screen credit with a $25 or more contribution. The more we raise over our $2,500 goal, the better!

Please check out the campaign at and leave comments, recommend to your friends, contribute, post to Facebook, twitter, and help us get the word out! Thank you in advance for your support and hope to see you in L.A.! -JCD

Anomaly, a mixed race documentary

Anomaly, a mixed race documentary

There are a few ways you can help support Anomaly’s world premiere this fall at the African Diaspora Film Festival in New York City:

1)    Attend one of the screenings at the ADFF, if you are in the NYC area!

2)    Spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or email your friends!

3)    Contribute towards the festival costs, such as the projection master, postcards and press kits for the festival. We will also have entry fees for future festivals. All donations are fully tax-deductible!

*Donate by mail: Make a check or money order out to “Third World Newsreel,”

 our fiscal sponsor. Write Anomaly in the memo line. Send your contribution to Nyabinghi Productions, PO Box 300, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012.

*Donate online through this link:

Please list Anomaly as the Designated Program and include for email notification.

4)    Host a video house party!

If you have questions or more ideas, please contact us at Thank you for your involvement and hope to see you in December! -JCD & SKS