Recently, Thaddeus Rutkowski’s story, “The Mountain Man,” was published in the New York Times. Thaddeus is a featured character in Anomaly, and we congratulate him on the piece! Thaddeus has readings around NYC, the U.S., and internationally. Stay tuned to his website for his latest schedule. To watch a clip of Thad from Anomaly, watch this clip on YouTube.

We have uploaded three new video clips to YouTube. Check them out! Recommend the videos to your friends, and feel free to add comments/ratings on YouTube!

Thaddeus Rutkowski discusses racial perceptions, and performs from his humorous play on words, “White and Wong.”

“What is your race?” Some of the film’s characters discuss what they check off on forms with racial boxes.

The mixed race community, including on college/university campuses. This clip features Prof. Michele Elam, Prof. Jennifer Chan, and Jen Chau of Swirl, Inc. Pete Shungu talks about his experience connecting with MOST at Tufts, and Rona Taylor (while at UC Berkeley) was in one of the first ever people of mixed heritage classes.

In these clips, original score by J. Armen and sound design by Brett Hammond.

Our second screening of Anomaly at the ADFF on Wednesday was a rousing success! Thanks to Gabriella for participating in the Q&A, and all of our friends & community that came out to support the screening. The audience laughed, nodded and cried in all the right places. :) We were so thrilled to see you there and hear your wonderful feedback! 

“Loved it!”

“I was so moved by your film and by all the subjects. Thank you for the years of hard work you put into Anomaly and eloquently weaving a story that all people of mixed heritage can relate to.”

Asian Arts Initiative


Next on the winter tour is Philadelphia. Join us Dec. 18th at the Asian Arts Initiative for “Hapa Happy: Celebrating All That is Mixed & Multi.” We’ll be screening Anomaly, and slam poet Thaddeus Rutkowski (featured in Anomaly) will be performing a set. The evening will be hosted by Yellow Rage–another Anomaly connection! Yellow Rage is Catzie Vilayphonh and Michelle Myers, who is also featured in Anomaly.

HAPA HAPPY: Celebrating All That Is Mixed & Multi


Friday, December 18, 2009


Asian Arts Initiative

1219 Vine Street

Philadelphia, PA

FAMILY STYLE is a new family-friendly, positive space that honors Asian American artists and extended “family” from all communities and cultures. For the full event description, please visit: