Tune in this Thursday for an exciting live chat between Director/Producer Jessica Chen Drammeh and Mixed Chicks Chat co-hosts, Fanshen Cox and Heidi Durrow!

>Thursday, June 9 at 2pm PT/5pm ET

Mixed Chicks Chat is an award-winning, live, weekly podcast about the mixed experience: interracial relationships, transracial adoption and biracial/hapa/mixed identity. For more info, also visit: http://www.mixedchickschat.com.


The next stop on Anomaly’s screening tour is at the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival.

>Sunday, June 12 at 11am
>Japanese American National Museum, Democracy Forum, 369 E. First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
>includes Q&A afterwards with Director/Producer Jessica Chen Drammeh
>free and open to the public; please register in advance
The complete schedule is now online.

Founded by Fanshen Cox and Heidi Durrow (author of New York Times bestseller, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky), Mixed Roots is the only festival dedicated to the mixed cultural and racial experience. Past festivals have featured Dr. Maya Sotoero-Ng (President Barack Obama’s sister), Dr. Maria P.P. Root, and many other notable authors and artists. We greatly look forward to reconnecting with artists, authors, educators and community leaders during Loving Day weekend.  This is the second largest Loving Day Celebration in the world!

Anomaly on indiegogo.com

We have launched a fundraising campaign on indiegogo to galvanize the outreach and distribution of Anomaly! You can support two areas of outreach and finishing funds:

1) to send Director/Producer Jessica Chen Drammeh to the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival in Los Angeles. Mixed Roots is the only festival devoted to the “mixed racial and cultural experience.” Past festivals have featured Dr. Maya Sotoero-Ng (President Barack Obama’s sister), Dr. Maria P.P. Root, and many other notable authors and artists. The complete schedule is now online. Anomaly screens Sunday, June 12 at 11am.

2) The second area of the campaign is earmarked for archival newsreel licensing, music licensing and an original song collaboration between our composer and artist(s) from the film.

While we are tapping other sources of outreach and finishing funds, in this indiegogo campaign we are trying “crowd funding” as a way to connect with new supporters and build a larger online community. There’s a full line of perks such as screen credit with a $25 or more contribution. The more we raise over our $2,500 goal, the better!

Please check out the campaign at indiegogo.com and leave comments, recommend to your friends, contribute, post to Facebook, twitter, and help us get the word out! Thank you in advance for your support and hope to see you in L.A.! -JCD

Vote for Anomaly for awards at the festival!

Anomaly is screening in June at the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival, and is eligible for awards! Please vote for Anomaly in categories #4 and 10. Feel free to cross-post and spread the word! Votes are collected through May 1.

We thank you for your support and participation and are delighted to be honored in these categories!

We have a few cool links to share related to Anomaly’s world premiere Dec. 1 & 9 at the African Diaspora Film Festival:

-Check out the ADFF festival trailer, Anomaly is featured circa :37

-Thanks to Kasmore Rhedrick at Arts Engine, for his Three Qs and the Truth series


-Finally, a special thanks to our long-time community friends at Loving Day for Facebook, Twitter, and email updates


Spread the word and see you tomorrow night at the theater!

IMDb logo

IMDb logo

It’s official — ANOMALY is now listed on the fabulous IMDb, the world’s largest online movie database! We’re excited to be adding new stars to the IMDb universe — such as Gabriella and Winnie, Michelle and her family, Pete, Thad, Rona, Eric, Ann, Jen, Michele E., Jennifer, and more! Plus it is a first for many of our crew people. :) IMDb has a strict “verification” process to reject non-industry movies so we’re glad that it all went off without a hitch. -JCD

facebook logoThat’s right, Anomaly is finally on Facebook! A new year’s resolution for 2009. ;) No, seriously, it’s part of our expansive outreach for the film’s release!

Connect with us by searching for “Anomaly Thefilm” or viewing our profile. See you there! -JCD